Travel, learn, explore, live
  • Live a life you like to remember

    Collect moments not things

    Live a life you like to remember
  • I've lost my heart in the sea

    My life is a beach

    I've lost my heart in the sea
  • The only thing we take away from life are the experiences

    To travel, it is enough to exist

    The only thing we take away from life are the experiences
  • Creativity, knowledge and passion for graphic design

    Branding, Editorial, Photography, Advertising

    Creativity, knowledge and passion for graphic design

Hi, I'm Claudia Amaya, I have a degree in Graphic Design with ten years of professional experience focused on the area of design and visual communication with special emphasis on branding, photography, audiovisual production, web design, social media management, editorial design, marketing and brand management in general.

I have a high level of English and Portuguese. I have freelance experience working with different projects and clients nationally and abroad.

I love to travel, meet people and explore new places; I like to get to know a country as much as possible, its people, customs, traditions, flavours and culture.

I work as a consultant and university teacher; it will be a pleasure to help you develop your ideas and projects.




Customized web pages that adapt to the needs of your company or business; generate a reliable image of your project.


Creation of corporate identity and development of branding strategies to achieve interaction with the target audience.


Managing your brand's advertising in a comprehensive way, defining the right channels to obtain reliable and real results.


Position your brand image in the best way; providing efficient audiovisual solutions for your marketing plan.


Create a design that is visually attractive and functional, achieving a perfect harmony between form and content.

Social Media

Evaluate and improve your presence in social networks, defining strategies and adequate content to achieve your marketing objectives.

Companies I've worked with



Australia, my dream come true

It is said that a trip is not only lived when it is made, but also when you plan it, in a certain way my trip to Australia has been one of the most organized in its previous moments, because it demanded certain requirements that regularly are not necessary in most...

Nazaré, the surfing capital

Knowing the Portuguese coast. It had taken me a while to write down my experience of Nazaré in the district of Leiria, Portugal. This place is known for being a world famous destination for its impressive giant waves, it is part of the "Região de Turismo do Oeste", with about 10,100 inhabitants, a picturesque and very...

The Paradise in Bocas

An adventure: authentic and exciting I have to admit Bocas de Toro was the surprise of the trip; an improvised decision; no planning, no itinerary, no point of arrival. I loved every moment of the trip to get to know this place; arriving at Bocas del Toro in Panama is an adventure: authentic and exciting. …