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When Reality Overcomes Everything: Living in Brazil

My experience in Florianópolis, Brazil

Living in the smallest country in America: El Salvador and which is catalogued as one of the most dangerous in the world; many times it makes you doubt and makes you think that all places are like that; but I have the conviction that the world is surrounded by good people.

I must accept that I was full of fears and doubts, but these were more than overcome by my crazy desire to know Brazil, a country that has a peculiar charm that made me want to know it (and that I still want to continue knowing).

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When selecting where to go in a country as big, diverse and different as Brazil I let the destination take me; I opened an account on (social network that allows you to exchange your skills for work and food in hostels and hotels around the world). I sent 3 applications to various hostels in Recife, Rio de Janeiro and Florianopolis. Three different regions within Brazil. I decided that whoever answered me first would be the one chosen...

I didn't know anything about Florianópolis, and I didn't research much about the place, and that was the best decision; I let the beautiful Ilha da Magia surprise me with its charm, with its hidden beaches and its diverse nature; Floripa has given me the best experience of my life for the moment.

12983385_772367642898967_600228761302405277_o 12671866_758274800974918_2703070388873084596_o 12525639_1582354498747384_5369358645874266781_oUsing the power of social networks to work as a volunteer in a hostel in exchange for accommodation was the best decision of the trip, as this allowed me to meet people from all over the world, most of whom I still have contact with and we are still great friends.

I faithfully recommend this platform through which I was able to live the best experience of my life, which I would love to experience again in the near future.

Let the goal be to look back and see memories... not dreams.

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