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France, you have me in love

Getting to know Europe for the first time.

My first experience in Europe was anything but touristic, I love to travel that way, without being tied to established itineraries or schedules. I must admit that I never thought I'd visit a cold destination, much less for the Easter holidays that in my country, El Salvador, one lives with a lot of sun, sea and sand... but we have promised ourselves and my friend Anne from France to meet once a year wherever we are.

My destinations were Madrid and then Lyon where I would go by car to Grenoble; this is a city located between the French Alps; surrounded by beautiful mountains with snow. Something I had never seen nor thought of visiting.


My first impression was "I'm in Heidi's country" I felt I was in a fairy tale, France is for me a total story, surrounded by beautiful mountains with snow. I had never seen snow in my 27 years of life and it was certainly something I will always keep in my memory.


I admit that I have never felt so cold or worn so many clothes in my life. I come from a tropical country where it's hot most of the year and I'm already used to that warm climate. But that feeling of freezing made my trip from Grenoble have a different meaning.

I can say that now I understand why many Europeans visit my country, the warmth of El Salvador is unparalleled and if what they are looking for is to escape the cold without hesitation my land is the ideal place.


"Conversations, laughter and shared looks. My heart goes out to this image of Anne by her beautiful mountain. I love that capacity of destiny to unite you with people who share your same philosophy of life. Until the next time, my beautiful French girl."


How beautiful the life that allows us so much

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