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Playa del Carmen beautiful and loved


Knowing Mexico for me was the kind of trip that surprises you completely, we planned a short trip like that out of the blue with my sister and we were not very clear about where we would sleep. Couchsurfing for me is the best application that exists when traveling, it allows you to meet people from other places and of course although it has its level of risk, it has almost never left me bad.

Playa del Carmen is a beautiful place that 4 days are not enough to know it better, first time I had before my eyes a beautiful water colored sea.

What would you do if someone from another country mentioned your name with a surname in a restaurant you entered for the first time in your life? That's how nice and unexpected the coincidences of life are, a chero who had written to me offering me accommodation recognized me in the restaurant.

So there was no problem with the accommodation, thanks to Marcelo who works as a tour guide and snorkeling and diving instructor we had no problem with getting to know the real Playa del Carmen.

Mexicans are super cool, all very funny, talkative and always willing to help; interested in knowing about El Salvador, it's great when you travel and break paradigms and preconceived ideas of cultures and countries.